A New Year.

Ere that new sun inflames the horizon,
fore this eon departs here and now,
I will, at helm of my soul mast mizzen
I resolve never to kneel nor bow.
For I am the keeper of my own gates,
I am He who divines no sweet heaven,
I will thus never to poison the fates
of my fallen dreams in hopes to leaven.
I swear upon all that I question
that I shall strive to spend a life,
host to light, to valor a bastion,
to fall an end and too endless strife.
A day does come, yet a day has left,
with grains of sand my walls do rise,
and as my hands do pray a’cleft
so do the heavens for this suns demise.


22 thoughts on “A New Year.

  1. may we feel as such not only with the passing of a new year, but with the passing of each sunrise and sunset.

    thank you for this!

  2. I love that this is kind of formal, but it is still beautiful and makes sense. Not too big a fan of excessively ‘deep’ poems which end up having no meaning whatsoever. Glad I stopped by!

    1. Hahaha, thank you, I had to cut through the critique to reach the compliment, but I take it nonetheless. I’m glad you stopped by as well. Looking forward to having you here more often Miss Zambini.

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