It Is Time We See Off The Guard Of Honor

Valiant stand, our guards of honor, at dark gates
of resolve, valor, sovereignty. Albeit human
they are, and so are we, as their walls,
tirelessly adhering, towering eternal, never
lending shade to those seeking refuge but them,
never affecting fortitude, unto wars victims, but them.
From us are they, and from them are we,
they, are our watchful guardians, and we,
are their mishapen feeding futile hand.
What have we, that does not mock us in their favor,
and have not we, a say slightest, of whom we silence,
whom we befriend, whom we betray, thus, who are we?
Languid grows this hour of vigil, yet we are witness,
lions for lambs, we serve to darkness, but as witness.
Through days of tragic, but forgetful massacres,
we must now guard, our own selves, our own walls.
Let go must we, the faithful guard of fatigued loyalty
and too let them fade, in the obscurity of age,
for if we were, to have them serve further our purpose,
I fear, shall fall the empire that always willed to rise.

18 thoughts on “It Is Time We See Off The Guard Of Honor

  1. I don’t know but you are super creative and artistic can I get my training from you. This is a personal request. You always blow my mind each time you write.

  2. I awe at individuals, who can express themselves like this, my own writing is quite simple… (Even crude at times), I read this a few times, and I gotta say it left me with a puzzled feeling.

    1. Thank you Laurae, its time you realize, a simple word expressed is better than an abstract couplet deigned. You should be proud of your talent and must will to nurture it. This poem isn’t that arduous to comprehend, all it takes is a little understanding of what its about.

    2. I was about to write the same sentiments as Lauraeflores…my writing appears to be quite amaturish next to yours. However, I have never professed to be as eloquent of a writer as you….but I can aspire to at least understand what you are expressing. I have to admit I took a run at reading it more than once just to make sure I understood the meaning. What a beautiful sentiment…perhaps our leaders shoud read it too. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Thank you Vikki, I am humbled by your gracious acknowledgement of my work. I too wish that our leaders could at least understand that we, the common people are not as foolish as they deem us.

        Osama Iftikhar

  3. Wow. You are a master of a style I thought long dead.

    Thanks for following my work, and directing me to yours. I will enjoy reading more.


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