Elusive Proof Of Life.

I do not find among the borders I wish to
reach with ease, that great proof of life.
Perhaps, it is, for I have not yet been to
the fringes of these bleak notions of strife.
Passive may be, my receding will of being,
perhaps, it is, for I have no burdens to bear.
That proof of life I do not intend on seeing,
perhaps, it is, for beyond, no border lies there.

11 thoughts on “Elusive Proof Of Life.

  1. “I used to wonder what the purpose of hardships was, while living a life, free of them, and when I began to wonder, what the purpose of living was, I realized the value of those burdens.”

    1. Thank you Tammy, as a matter of fact it was a part of the poem before, but it was adding aesthetics to itself nor the prose as a constituent. I took it out for now, but perhaps later I’ll phrase it in a better way.

  2. I like this, I found it quite relatable. Hardships are often a concept of emotional pieces, it was nice to hear an honest lack of connection with the concept of hardship. I enjoy your work, looking forward to more.

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