A Moment Eternal, Brighter Than The Sun

Shall eternity rest in sweetest lurking
for a moment in time ephemeral at best.
May the fleeting break of every yearning
dawn awaken my soul at rest.
Do bathe the hill up yonder darling
with every ripple fore the delou’west.
May all my darkened days still burning
turn a thousandth folds invest.
Wouldst every pleasing glimpse O splendid
turn the wondering, the graceful one,
to falling chaos for which ended
a moment eternal, brighter than the sun.

The Lighthouse Shall Lead Me Home.

As the fading progeny of a burning god,
lights the heavens for today’s last breath,
I feel the warmth but for a moment’s nod
and behold the glory of that orb in death.
Although my path is lit with borrowed
and not as brilliant lights fluorescent,
yet fearful leads my bleakest road,
and I it’s traveler from eons spent.
Memories of all my past’s sunshine
and now its successor, these city lights,
shimmer on waves of sweet summer wine
an ocean drunk on this carnival of sights.
Will I see the end someday?
will I have one final chance?
to feel the scent of an ocean gray
and dance to heaven’s serene seance?
I ponder if I had every dream
and wish that I had ever made,
would I have known the sullen gleam
would I now tread the golden shade
of sand where my feet feel the shore,
my willful walk to the end of days,
resilient more than the ocean before,
where my prison shall drown away.
Turning back to what I leave,
lights fluorescent and the sunset dying,
the carnival of life shall not grieve,
and I its fool shall laugh while crying.
Take me while I may still gasp
and shy from the embrace of my grave,
drink to my fill the liquor rasp
turned bitter now, with the tears I gave.
The song of my life slowly plays,
I call it ‘requiem of a broken dream’,
while the freezing water hastily lays
upon my head, stream after stream.
I can still watch the hopeful lights 
and witness the sun still going down,
the Ferris wheel and the joyful sights,
as I am bound, thus I must drown.

If I could turn to where all days

made sense for every step I took,

I fear I could not help but say,

“those who fell by fault forsook.” 


A Divine Tragedy (Carpe Diem)

To whom shall I confess my peril
of that which doth with ease elude
a grasp of thought I fail inveril,
a moment left in soft delude.
To which way must I turneth blind,
from faded thoughts must I digress,
when all I live for is left behind,
thus know I not of days progress.
I fail to see at times and more
I fail to comprehend at best,
the passive grain that is my shore
to march of oceans valiant lest.
Heave shall burdens I ephemerally,
in eternal circles divine tragedy.
No longer can the end of days
instill that fear of heavens plays.

What Lies Within

Perhaps, some narratives are best left untold,
For more often than not, we do take for granted,
how tragic life is, when dark irony unfolds,
and miserable fates are, for those most coveted.
Countless of suns has a pure diamond seen,
and countless forgotten in the womb of its soil.
To coronations, to courts and wars it has been
yet to rest on its throne, it has made empires toil.
Graced a guillotine, and kissed a brothel floor,
adorned a tainted fleece, watched a hall aflame,
never loved, forever owned, present’s queen, tomorrows whore
always lying waking still, the unblamed, the unnamed.
Your only sin my hopeless dear, beauty is your only dress,
always left to watch the reigns,of nations grieving solace past.
Instead mourning helpless there, if laments you could possess,
as moaning harems do for now, and you, the tyrants save for last.
Truly, things most useless are, playing host, precious most,
and every lovely face does not, of akin beauty tale a’boast,
for those we envy are at best, those we pity by the end,
and that which we may lust for most, must Alas! to us attend.

If Reaping Would Have Its Wishes.

To the angel of reaping that stares at me now
and the raven that stalks on its shoulder,
“I wish not to live on, if thou could know how
judge I do not for thy gaze growing colder”
Here! takest my limbs, takest my prison, even the flesh of my brow
but leavest my heart, and too my soul, for myself and my love to grow older.
Asketh do providence, O stand but a moment, not an eternal eon allow
for now I beseech it to let me do stay, my arms are longing to hold her!
O parting has dawned, with so much unsaid, and time has taken a vow
so I closeth my eyes, hoping for hope, that a passing wind shall have told her.