Eventuality of All Good Things

Wherever hangest a fruit of heaven,
If thou wert to come upon it someday,
surely shalt thou taste its nectar,
and on thy palette shall not reside
ecstasy, for it beist most evanescent,
faith, for is thine most capricious,
love, for it bears concupiscence,
but loss, for thou shalt cherish a memory.


14 thoughts on “Eventuality of All Good Things

  1. Oh I like this one! Reminds me of a small passage from C.S. Lewis’ Perlandra where Elwin eats a fruit from a alien version of the Garden of Eden. It’s the best thing he’s ever had, but he doesn’t want to eat another to tarnish the memory.

    1. I wonder, I might not be as bad a writer as I thought, for people keep alluding to similarities between my humble work and that of the master’s. I thank you Mr. Waller, I enjoy your sincere attempts of comprehending my writing.


      1. You’re far from a bad writer mate. You’re what I want out of poetry when I go snooping around for poems.

  2. hello there – love this poem – very beautiful and so true – congraluations, and thanks to Mr Waller above I was reminded of C S Lewis again so two good things

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