17 thoughts on “Akaasi 11: Suicide Child

  1. When a child takes their own life, no matter in war or peace, it is a very sad thing. Your line about the good wine has not crossed his lips got to me. I felt as though the purest wine represents somehow the full life, well lived.

  2. Sad and sweet.

    A child within the man, whom may have been touched, but never felt? And now in death, can finally be with the woman, where all others in this transient life he has been but a virgin, and (nor purest wine has had its may) because the one he truly loved is gone?

    Thank-you for sharing, very heartfelt from my perspective.

    1. I thank you Miss Tara. You almost hit the mark there.
      I wrote this piece making my subject, an innocent child who does not even know the meaning of volition. You see, religious zealots use children such as these to further their misspent designs. For such a child to live a life of love and purity is unacceptable, yet for that very child to die in hate and war is agreeable. These are the children we watch on the news everyday, child soldiers and suicide bombers.

      Osama Iftikhar

      1. Thank-you for your explanation Osama. Almost hit the mark… Yes, my arrow went right past, and into the forest. I’m aware of young suicide bombers; I should have put that together with the title, sorry.

        It is very sad, and it makes me wonder how foolish really are these young children, when they are following what they have been taught.

        Thank-you again, and have a good day. Tara

    1. Would he not embrace death and choose the same for other innocents, from ignorance or coaxing, his wisdom could mean something, anything, but he is a child made into a suicide bomber, thus he is a fool of fate and fortune.

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