Oscar War (Original Sin)

To the leaves that turn in our tide,
to the thorn that bleeds in my side,
to that angel in whom I confide,
and that demon with whom I preside
on the council of will, and decide
what all senses incessantly deride,
while the time and the life I divide
regardless of fate coincide.
To the wind that changes the season,
and changes that dawn without reason,
Hear me my people! with lucid intent
I am a scoundrel, I yearn for descent.
To indolence whose borders are wide,
to sloth and to greed your close guide,
to lust which you bed as a bride,
and the raging war from inside,
to love, loss, wounds and to pride,
as well morals in red hanging dried,
to your laws by which you abide,
yet question their purpose beside.
For the taste of mortality I did attempt,
thus fell from my throne I a discontent.
Hear me O’fallen, embrace and consent
mould me as flawed, lest I lament.
Wishful thought I O eternity thyne ,
now do regret I tasting such wine.
To heal that wound on this soul of mine
I feigned being blind to our rising sign.
Beyond horizons which were once in time
twixt fatuate virtue and vice benign,
from remnants of grace but thoughts malign
to fall this under I did not resign.
And Adam and Eve, of your legacy fine
forgive thee thy children for fates design.
Hear me thus progeny, ill fated and wronged,
in pursuit of some feeling, living I longed,
but Remember forever, from this parted sun
sans death all mortals immortals are one.


33 thoughts on “Oscar War (Original Sin)

  1. Really liked this, especially the A/A/A/A rhyme scheme at the top. Who is Oscar though? That part of the title is throwin me off.

      1. Oh damn, that sounds heavy, yet necessary given…well, the world. I’ve been meaning to ask you, but: Are you published? Because you really should be. Like, most of the poems you post make me think, “why is he giving this out for free?”

      2. Because I believe in a world in which art should be free, I may or may not regret this philosophy one day, but I can never regret having written all this in the first place.

  2. Brilliant.

    I felt like I was living the words in a new world foreign to me – moved by soul and inspirit – a duality of nature existing in one and all.

      1. Well, you may feel or think otherwise – but isn’t poetry open to interpretation? Working with words carefully chosen and placed in structures pregnant with pauses by way of punctuation, using simile and metaphor as suggestion, even if a precise idea has been placed on the paper, with pen poised in wait.

        Is this not the essence of poetry well versed?

        Actually Mr. poemsandpeople, I’m not usually this verbose – rather more straightforwards – but for whatever reason – today, your words have brought me elsewhere – and it feels good and intriguing. For me, this is enough.

        Have a great day.

      2. Thank you Patricia, it is an honor for me to have been able to take you somewhere better.
        I agree with your argument and since you claim to be a straightforward person most days, I feel it would be a waste to dilate our point of conversation. In short when I was just being humble in my first reply. πŸ˜€

      3. Humility is a well needed aspect in life – often a trait that needs to be sought out – but accepting compliments can be equally difficult – although I sense you know the strength of your words and works. πŸ™‚

  3. Only my first reading of this poem.
    Requires more.
    Not only requires, I immediately hungered for more.
    This seduced me.

    I am happy to have found you.

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