I Have A Dream.

I have a dream that one day,
perhaps tomorrow or years away,
one day the words I have to say,
on deaf ears fall, poignant they may,
perhaps we may see that day ourselves,
or we may long have left this gray
and darkened hall to toll the bells
for many more to come this way,
I have a dream that we shall burn
but not to birthen ashes, nay!,
we shall fall to dust and turn
into men of equal and sacred clay,
no more the decadent halls of power
shall echo with steps of apathy,
no longer shall the Babylonian tower
rise to heaven, and imprison the free,
I have a dream, foolish at best
that one day we shall know the folly
of how we lived devoid of the rest,
lived so large, and acted so jolly,
claimed our youth was the future true,
but a future blind or of misgivings new?
for I see the hopeful faces few,
but a pitiful visage in regret and rue.
Embroiled in games of glory how
the rich and privileged gulping now
from the goblet of emolument of our toil
and our noose and shackles they ardently coil,
I have a dream, these mongers of wealth
should live as we do, lest suffer more,
and know how we longed for dear death
when the land we loved became their whore,
when the water we drank turned to blood,
when our children they maimed and burned,
the rest they drowned in a hateful flood,
and the mourning to slaves how they turned.
Spurn me now, O waking fools
Here and now, tomorrow more,
laugh at me, but to me behooves
dreaming a dream, forever more.
I have a dream, I have a dream,
all the ignorant shall hear my voice,
all the arrogant to whom shall seem,
doubtful my truth and veracity by choice,
that dream is of a better tomorrow,
where the throne is a responsibility,
not a right, or an essence hollow
something bought nor hereditary,
that dream is of a valiant nation,
imprecated from birth, cursed to fail,
but resilience is its very bastion
like a broken ship that is still a’sail,
these great people shall awake again,
and the streets plunged in dark despair
shall echo with voice of hope and then
the flag blood sodden shall wave there,
no longer shall a hopeful child
leave its home as a waking walking
mortal return half dead defiled
by the hounds of war who drool here stalking,
ephemeral shall no longer be
our hopes evanescent as today,
a thousand suns we dreamed to be
forever then we shall be free,
Let me speak, while you lay the wreath
of a horrid noose upon my neck,
let me speak, while I still breathe,
before I hang as a silenced wreck,
I have a dream, my beautiful people,
that one day you shall awake and wonder,
what happened to that fool so feeble,
who with his cries assailed our slumber,
I have a dream, I have a dream,
nothing else but just a dream


67 thoughts on “I Have A Dream.

    1. Thank you Bhakti. Everyone writes in their own unique way, it does not mean that one way is better than another, it simply means that you should find the way that brings you pleasure.

      1. That is a good question. I think it is because people are human, and in my opinion, suffer from varying degrees of mental illness. There are those who would “make the world their whore” and those, like us, who would notice and complain about it.

      2. I’ve been thinking about your question, and my initial reaction was the tendency toward insanity (or at least mental instability) of our species, but today I was reading another blog that had a link to a video that seems to try to explain the question in depth. The documentary is called Zeitgeist. There are a few documentaries by this name and I had assumed that I had already seen it. I had not seen this one. I think you might enjoy it as it has some very interesting points about human nature and about the world economy: Zeitgeist: Moving Forward: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z9WVZddH9w

  1. This is the true expression of what we,mortals feel,and in the best prose and alliteration,I am impressed!
    Nothing ages so quickly like yesterday’s vision of tomorrow,hope these dreams will not wither in time,but be the foot stone to rise to reality,the realm where humans belong.
    If I say more,I’m afraid I will be overly wordy.Excellent piece

  2. What a complete and beautiful presentation of hope and the ache for a better human condition. This (so far) is has got to be my favorite that you have written, it really is excellent and beyond any description that I could really give it. It speaks for itself, it does not need my words. Thank you for sharing another great piece.

  3. There is so much pain and so much hope and love in your poem. The images are so vivid that it hurts to see them. I love it because your dream is powerful to the extend that it might come true one day… Thank you.

  4. Having read throught a number of your poems I congratulate on beautiful words – speaking for myself I can learn a lot from your wording but could never aspire to write, not as you do – continue to dream outloud.

  5. Dreams are the beginnings of many great things …. thank you for stopping by my site today and liking my latest post…. I look forward to reading more of your work. šŸ™‚

  6. The struggle of all the powerful emotions within you is so clearly evident in your words and to see the world from your dream is a sight worth striving hard for.
    Regards, Miss shahbaz mian šŸ™‚

    1. Miss Shahbaz Mian, dreams are a powerful entity, undeniably so when one has found ones world darkened with hopelessness, indeed the world I envision is beautiful, but if even half of it comes true, nothing could compare.

  7. “I have a dream, these mongers of wealth
    should live as we do, lest suffer more,
    and know how we longed for dear death
    when the land we loved became their whore,
    when the water we drank turned to blood,
    when our children they maimed and burned,
    the rest they drowned in a hateful flood,
    and the mourning to slaves how they turned.”

    This is powerful and full of great imagery. So sad but true.

  8. dreams are for the awake too
    for then they can become today’s reality
    every faith…religion is right there is no wrong when a faith is
    forged in love of truth…compassion…empathy….the belief we can and do make a
    difference even if we don’t see it in front of us….
    each has their own truth, each similar to draw
    the energy closer, the diversity will forge a new dawn of acceptance
    where we are of the same soul from long ago, dispersed to experience
    and come back home…
    words are immortal energies that will be carried on the wind
    long after we are gone….
    this is very beautiful…..thank you for sharing….
    Take Care…You Matter…

      1. you are very welcome, though the treat was stumbling upon your blog…I will enjoy wandering through your thoughts…
        This on is wonderful…

  9. You delivered the REALITY in your poem. Presenting hopes and at the same time aches; along with implying that we must always dream high and keep on flying, like eagles soaring up high. I am glad to have read this and I enjoy reading your posts and how poetically you express them. šŸ™‚

  10. Dreams do give hope and will remain a step away from the realm of reality unless acted upon. And though we try to recreate our dreams into reality, it would only come as close as it can get. Its perfection resides in vision. Then why do we dream? Perhaps, it is because it pushes us to become the person we want to be and build a world where we want to be when we awake. Thank you for my night’s inspiration, sir šŸ™‚

  11. I will visit and explore frequently when I need inspiration – which is, these days, very frequent. Thank you. Keep writing these beautiful pieces, short and long.

  12. Thank you for the follow, and you write really well. It’s a rare skill these days to find someone who can write in metre n rhyme. Extremely well written piece, and powerful thoughts, Look forward to readng more of you again soon.

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