Obliging Innocence

How canst thou oblige true essence,
truer in compare to fewer
virtues iridescence truer
than the white in blackest hue,
to fall selflessly in thy lieu,
How canst thy memory remnant
of the days of wholly splendour
harken that so aft an fore,
days of yon, suns of yore,
reminiscence felt no more,
Velvet curtains in the winding
cadence of thy fleeting dreams
whether of the moments passing
or those past in parting seams,
Innocence, virtue no longer
Innocence, a sight unseen
of dust a’dust, yet ash a monger
settles ‘pon thy weary means,
with which thou deign living lies
though ‘pon that living swore undo,
didst thou not in lieu of die
breathe in innocence untrue,
Wert we not as infants are thus
mindful of etiquette most feigned
Art we not as infants are thus
obliging innocence as deigned.

Elusive Proof Of Life.

I do not find among the borders I wish to
reach with ease, that great proof of life.
Perhaps, it is, for I have not yet been to
the fringes of these bleak notions of strife.
Passive may be, my receding will of being,
perhaps, it is, for I have no burdens to bear.
That proof of life I do not intend on seeing,
perhaps, it is, for beyond, no border lies there.