May Thou Live Forever (A Departing Imprecation)

Deign to draw, I! this divulging breath,
I draw compare too, pray of those needs,
yours, then mine, too our lives, zenith,
fate unto will, by fault doth leads.
Didst thou fail to gaze this way,
or ego faltered thy in that falling?
May thou endure forever I pray,
May thou live forever my darling.
Whence did I swear upon each branch,
to keepest count of all dying Robbins?
nor once didst thou relent thy staunch
culling of those joyful innocent sins.
Of all that I may draw thus now,
of life this end, of love this bow.
May thou live until the end of days,
I pray thou endure forever my grace.

Let Me Go.

Let me go, my dear beloved
I leave you with these parting words,
wealthier now than before we met,
more hopeful than the day we begun.
What lies ahead, I am unaware of,
but surely it can not surpass
in brightness, the day we dreamed,
in lucidity, our innocent hopes,
in taste, the bread of yearning,
in warmth, the fireplace small depleting,
in color, the wine drops running hastily
upon our goblets old yet priceless.
All I am sure of, is I am sure of nothing,
what lies in wait for me in the dark,
but of all the suns spent carelessly
and your gentle touch in the morning,
I regret nothing, my love, I regret nothing.
Let me go, for the heavens hold
the dear departed in sweet embrace,
but rest assured not nearly sweet,
not nearly sweet as yours my love.