Fall of The Immortals.

In an age of humans, the demons are falling,
the flight that lifted them, once in a rage,
today those prospects, are seen as appalling,
for their wings have faltered, in complacency’s cage.
The boundless skies, and kingdoms unreachable,
ruled by the family, of the burning sun,
but today, the pantheist’s once unimpeachable,
feel the cold ground, for now they are done.
Yea! they breathe fire, ferocious as before,
but a fire now passionless, and a flight no more,
the inferno exhaled, but extinguished amour
to ride with the Valkyrie’s, feel the verdure.
Malevolent they were, leviathans of yore,
but glorious in treason, and glorious furor.
See? Man is servile to be but civilized
so he rescinds his roots and fails to realize
born from the soil does not make him a stain
like born from the fire does not make one abstain
to burn into ashes, from ashes to reign
on the kingdom of heaven, a legacy in vain.
Watch those demons, how they vanish delible,
ruined by the pride of what they had been endowed,
for in the face of times, all glory is fallible,
and remember why man must prevail here and now.
Nothing is forever, remember that mortals,
we were the ones, once that you feared,
but now that we depart, through our dying portals
there is a foe, that now has appeared,
daunting, and fearless, not subject to predilection,
the entity of time and mortality and how
if you survive their dawning, and appear in liberation
We! the immortals, to you shall we bow!