Read, write, learn and live, one day we must all return to the abyss where we came from, if this life is a dream, then poetry is the lucid wakefulness that ensues.

Osama Iftikhar (iftikharosama@hotmail.com, facebook.com/iftikharosama)

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  1. Thanks for the follow. I like the way you feel about poetry. I feel much the same about all forms of writing. As writers, I think we seek to battle the impermanence of life by leaving legacies that will far outlast us and those we know. Immortality, anyway we can find it, eh?

    1. You are welcome.
      Our words are mere ripples in the pond, there is more to immortality than monuments and odes, for it is really our thoughts and intentions that echo through the ages.

  2. Osama, thank you for sharing and reaching out to support my DiaBLOGue. Its up to you and me, and all the royal We t make sure that the cries of those in pain and suffering do not go unheard. It is long past the year, month, day and hour for us to open both our ears so we can do more than hear. It it time to stand up, move our feet and walk in the world in ways so we can touch and heal with our hands, doing so with open minds and hearts. We do not learn from people who are ‘like minded’. We learn from those whose perspectives are unique from ours. I dare, no I double dare us to come together and find the common point in our diversity, our children, the future, and to begin to heal so they have a Future to lead us into.

    1. Firstly, you are welcome. Secondly, I do agree with your viewpoint although I wish I was unique enough so that you could learn something from my perspectives. That is not to write of course that I reject your dare, instead I accept. πŸ˜€

      Osama Iftikhar

  3. Thanks for the follow. You’ve got an amazing blog. Some of those pieces you wrote are really beautiful. Keep it up! God Bless! πŸ™‚

  4. hello, thank YOU so much for liking my post and for following my blog! I watched out a few of your writings and they are awesome! I am looking forward to read more of your posts!

  5. Thank you for liking my blog. It led me to read one of the most beautiful lines – ‘what if poems could be symphonies, and people their orchestra?’ – Wonderful.

  6. Hello there, Osama… thank you for stopping by and for following my blog! Your own poems are deep, very thought provoking and emotive… you are clearly a deep thinker with the ability to articulate the painful ink of our human existence. Can I just be very bourgeois and say… wow! Well done. πŸ™‚ I truly appreciate your follow-ship… Mother Hen

  7. Thank you Osama for following my blog. You have a great blog and looking forward to reading more of your poems.


  8. I am looking forward to following your blog. Thank you for leading me in this direction and joining me along my journey.

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