Fore the last day sets upon our silence,
we shant leave light whilst saving grace,
but falter and falter until such violence
shall fill our souls beyond past’s trace
and for our wounded and our departed
we shant leave light whilst saving grace,
but madden our gentle and placid hearted
resolve until madness can mark our place.
Do not mourn falling children of babel
leave not this light whilst saving grace,
but in sought vengeance do freely revel
and let not that night our freedom efface.
Wallow and over in such anguish again
that light may pity before it must fade
that night may fear your dark and then
let blood for blood be what is paid.


30 thoughts on “Peshawar

  1. “that light may pity before it must fade/that night may fear your dark and then”:
    Your words enunciate power and courage. In the time of tragedy, the strength is augmented by an undying will to rise and fight against such an atrocity.
    Powerful verse.

  2. Ah, poetry. Not the usual pathetic American attempt at ego indulgence but what I would consider a good attempt at art. I used to write poetry decades ago, mostly mediocre if I am to be honest. Hell for a poet is to have to judge his own work by the strictest and most honest standards possible.

    ‘Your work is refreshing, are you influenced by Sufi tradition?

    1. I thank you Mr. William Bean and I agree, self critique is the only step in the ladder of self improvement. I for one think I am an awful excuse for a poet, and actually yes, I am influenced at least a bit if not more by Sufism, seeing as I am a Pakistani.

  3. Yes, I must agree, your poetry is not the typical quick words, it’s more of uniquely cherished art pieces, I read this and the tears were definitely welling up in my eyes. Waw! Great work.

  4. It’s a powerful poem – though the last line bothers me somewhat! I’d like to change the first ‘blood’ to a word like ‘shame’ – even if I wholly understand the sentiment.

    1. I can understand your apprehension about this poem preaching violence of some sort, but the fact is that it can not stand the test of time unless it prefers emotion over convenience. Seeing as it is too convenient for us to mask our true feelings.

      1. Thanks for that thoughtful reply – it’s a big, weighty issue, where emotion plays a huge part. Perhaps the sign of a good poem is that one keeps thinking about it – as i will with yours!

  5. Powerful and Sincere, your words are assertive and with residual impact, your aspect is strong.
    Feelings are so often abandoned for the sake of wanting to forget, yet that only extends sufferance.
    Impact that forges consistency must be allowed to be remembered, yet not always recalled.
    Resist only anger, Embrace the light of time.

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