Winds of Change

Quiver the leaves while bathed in orange
breath of the winter dawn and its sun,
quiver for now, then without abhorrence
do fall in the arms of fate, they are done,
while known not to you O wearied child
is yonder thy lattice, weaved by the pane,
are the winds of change, of fate, unmild
embraced yet hither unfelt all the same.
Painting the walls a capricious vermilion
its cadence, time, and its time, this dawn
the hour of change sits upon that pillion
which for a steed has our fate, now drawn.
They shall not return, if left unheeded,
not for our children or theirs when needed
the winds of change once left shall heave
no longer O wearied, O wearied believe.


20 thoughts on “Winds of Change

  1. Thank you for dropping by to have a look!

    Bleeding Green Leaves…..

    As those,
    throughout need
    bathed into winters falling
    colour of greed.
    As those old and tall
    sleep through winter,
    drink from
    the icy waters,
    above all….
    As those have found
    the need for greed.
    Until next summer
    within those leaves,
    we bleed….

      1. poetry was a gift, that with came with a price!

        i have very little education, as another child said, education only fill the gap to the links of creativity….

        i say reboot creativity?

        why not reboot time?

  2. Waoo!! what are kind of inestimable resources lying here?………….just looking for someone like me to read. This really put peace to my conscience as it is going to be very useful for me

    More than an encouragement, it is going to be a place for me. If the owner will not mind coming often for inspiration.

    Thanks you for allowing me to be here.

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