27 thoughts on “Akaasi 13: Cries of Gaza

      1. I did enjoy reading your article, I’m listening, I’m watching and someday, I do not know when for sure, we will make a difference, we will bathe no longer our children with blood, but someday soon I hope with Eden’s love.

  1. hey! so, thank you for the support and for bothering to read my stuff I’ll definitly check yours out and for the little I’ve seen you seem to be a pretty good writter, and it’s always good to be able to get to read new stuff, from different people from all over… so keep on writting!

  2. This is a stunning poem. I feel this one and send a prayer up and over to Gaza, hoping it will be heard…

      1. I know what you mean… words are seldom enough to create full healing, but I do not think healing words and good thoughts are without their power in the Grand Scheme of things.

        Perhaps there is darkness we all must pass through before we appreciate the light so much as to never want to live without it?

  3. alright, great poem. as you said humanity—it must be heard. if you don’t mind i would like to feature this work on my Poetry Corner. I will reblogged this so others can see it and also visit your site. Please keep this up; love social conscientious writing–especially in poetry form.

  4. Reblogged this on kgbethlehem and commented:
    Greetings everyone and welcome to another segment of Friday Night Poetry Corner #42. Yes, yes this is the second week in a row that I am a day late and a dollar short..

    Well a quick note; Me along with a couple of my friends went to the Baltimore Comic Con this year. Extremely enjoyable—No I did not dress up. One day, yeah one day.

    Now back to the Corner. Tonight I am featuring a socially thought-provoking work by Osama Iftikhar called “Akaasi 13: Cries of Gaza.” This poem in its greatness had a raw emotion to it that regardless of your philosopher leanings; it will affect your human side or at least cause you to ponder on certain things. Visit his page when you get a chance as well. Thank you for supporting and keep writing, thinking, believing in you because who else will do so in a passionate manner.

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