The Children Of Eve

O Raise not thy gaze at a visage proud,
that be’est fate, my most ingenuous dupe,
set instead thy gaze at yon found
very end to which life must stoop.
Listen my progeny, as I know not of joy
so when’st thou giggle I feel only grief,
and might I add thou art a bastardly boy,
I abhorr thee at best, regret thou in brief.
Lead thou I may, but I swear not to days,
of enduring peace or of eternal wonder,
I merely lead, perhaps to uncertain ways,
and I only lead unto prospects under.
Argue of nations with lesser a founding?
inheritors least of morals in standing?
children that came at moments misfortune
yet fathered not same an era withstanding?
But see my rascal, the same is not true,
though if even it be, I do hardly agree
for agree I shan’t in opinions lieu,
and agree I must in opinions dreamt free.
If thou recoil’est at the sight of me,
I wish you to witness all that I hath,
what people unto people thus dole unto thee
the children of eve, the dogs of days wrath.


13 thoughts on “The Children Of Eve

  1. The poem is grey and gloomy. The tone is a bit condescending in some lines due to the choice of words but obviously effective in bringing out that sombre fated/ omniscient vibe. As i viewed it, the persona pities the “children of eve” because of the unpleasant future in store for them and mocks their “oblivion” or perhaps wants them to realize the repercussions to be faced in the approaching ‘dark age’ as shown by the line “so when’st thou giggle I feel only grief”.
    Anyway, that’s just my take…I don’t know if i am truly correct. Awesome piece.

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