13 thoughts on “Akaasi 9: Lives or Morals?

  1. Do we always questions our morals, but again, aren’t morals based on incomplete model of societies ?

    Different morals for different society ?

    1. When it comes to sacrificing ones life in order to lead a life of sacrifices, and those too inglorious, I believe it is a matter of sense and sensibility more than it is of morals, but then again in cases such as these, aren’t morals based on perceptible logic?
      Morals are what build a society, the latter being a consequence of the former. A difference in morals equates to a difference in societies, that being beside the actual point.

      1. I believe society builds morals, but then again every thing is build by society. Morals however is a mirror image of the same, society.

        As for life in sacrifices, that is folly. Nobody sacrifices anything for anyone but itself. And if there are sacrifices made for oneself isn’t that selfish rather than selfless ?

      2. First came man, then his morals, and with his morals and his fellow beings he built a society.
        To argue that society preceded morals is to justify the fall of true human intelligence. We all have a choice, and we make our own morals as we make our own societies.
        A sacrifice made for other people constitutes morality, and a sacrifice made for oneself constitutes society.

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