Akaasi 8: Lions for Lambs

When valleys shalt drown in ashes of graves,
then nothing shalt rain but virgin most blood,
Lions shalt adhere to our lambs most knave
while angels shalt mourn their wings of mud.


26 thoughts on “Akaasi 8: Lions for Lambs

      1. It is truly a wonder. Your words are so very exquisite and descriptive. Not many people possess this skill you know.

      2. Your words are humble as always. But I would like to ask a favour of you, if that is alright by you Mr Osama.

      3. I’m really sorry about that, but the majority of social media websites are banned where I currently work and live these days, I’ll try and access my account when I’ll return to Islamabad. However, according to a lot of people I DO need to check my email, which I will shortly. 🙂

      4. Well if A LOT of people are telling you it might of some importance

        Take care Mr Osama

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