26 thoughts on “Akaasi 8: Lions for Lambs

  1. Holy shit but I love the darkness to this one.

    “Wings of Mud” needs to be the name of a metal band.

      1. It is truly a wonder. Your words are so very exquisite and descriptive. Not many people possess this skill you know.

      2. Your words are humble as always. But I would like to ask a favour of you, if that is alright by you Mr Osama.

      3. Do check your email and your Facebook once in a while. You might be surprised.

      4. I’m really sorry about that, but the majority of social media websites are banned where I currently work and live these days, I’ll try and access my account when I’ll return to Islamabad. However, according to a lot of people I DO need to check my email, which I will shortly. 🙂

      5. Well if A LOT of people are telling you it might of some importance

        Take care Mr Osama

  2. It’s poems like this one (and others of yours) that provide a different mental picture with re-readings. You have a creative way with your verse. Peace.

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