Akaasi 7: In Grace We Must

In placid lakes, On perturbed ripples,
carry the unliving their silenced leaves.
How oft they feared a touch of death
though oftener touched their watery grace.


12 thoughts on “Akaasi 7: In Grace We Must

  1. Osama,

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. You might notice I write some silly stuff and do some silly things. This might seem silly, but you are my 100th follower, and I am about to announce you as the winner of my “Rich100Award.” Please accept it with my humble thanks and appreciation for taking a look at my writing.

    1. You’re welcome Mr. Biz, and silliness is just another word for being unique, you needn’t worry yourself with perception.
      Thank you for the wonderful gesture, I a humbly accept.

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