Searching For The Rider Pale

No more a fragrance to this dirt,
nor left a memory in its breath,
far and further as the roaming
takes me from my tree of birth.
Ashen turns the hue each walking
step thus taken in my search,
until I fear from with that grey
shall turn the pallor of my day.
Of that which I hope with yearn
know I not the least its fate,
but do I fear too it shall turn,
I shall too fear the pale one great.


27 thoughts on “Searching For The Rider Pale

  1. This has lovely rhythm and subject. Thanks for sharing such a traditional and lovely form for your words. “Ashen turns the hue…” I love this line.

    1. Thank you B Elizabeth Nemeth-Shorten, I admit it to be a topic quite traditional, perhaps even trite, but sometimes a man must write what a man needs writing. You were too kind nonetheless.

      Osama Iftikhar

  2. This is really a good piece of work. Much talent. Excellent use of words. Short yet so beautiful.

    Keep up the good work.
    Nishtha Pandey

      1. I haven’t had a chance to thank you for the follow on WordPress as well.
        Thank you for the same.
        And might I say you are magician with words.

        Nishtha Pandey

      2. For that chance did not necessitate its taking, you needn’t mention that Miss Pandey, you are welcome.
        I thank you for that compliment most humbling.

      3. You are most welcome
        Hope to learn a few things from you to improve my writings as well Mr Iftikhar.

  3. This must be check your mortality month. Nicely done. I uploaded How gravely patient is the grave this morning. As an extra touch, here is a scene from one of my favorite films, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

      1. “titular wordplay” — were I that type of man, I could sink into the pits. But, I’m not. 🙂

        Yes, great film. One of my top 5, along with Big Fish.

      2. Just having fun with you!

        Part of my top 5 – 10 films are:

        The Secret of Roan Inish
        Big Fish
        Oh Brother Where Art Thou
        Second Hand Lions
        Life of Pi
        August Rush

        As you can tell, I like soft, metaphorical film with tear-jerking plots and unusual storylines. With a dash of fantasy.

  4. I read this before and liked it but something did not feel right, I knew it was myself – not the poem. Today I read it and loved it, the story and the beautiful imagery, definitely worth the wait and coming back to it too. Poetry is funny like that it holds relevance depending I feel on the reader’s willingness to learn and feel. Thank you for this pleasure!

    1. Why thank you Hartley, but you must know that it would absolutely be fine were you to find something askew here. I am always open to criticism and especially accepting of compliments. 🙂

      1. All criticisms are future compliments and if they are not they are not criticisms but insults. Your work is beyond insults but rather the latter.

  5. This is a beautiful poem — I love the way that it sums up a very real anxiety that most of us have in relation to our mortality. Well done.

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