16 thoughts on “Akaasi 4

      1. Somehow managed to reblog by accident…
        I hope my previous post explained my take on piece. I read so many, “that’s wonderful” type of comments and well, thought I’d enter into that mine field… Meaning 🙂

  1. Reblogged this on poems: 'lax rhetorica' and commented:
    That we move through life hoping the grey will give way to certainty, by the effort of the askance off kilter poet, but that attempt at certitude may also be folly, hence keep it under your breath… Sans gusto (wind/muchness).
    I hope this clarifies things.


    1. Whether by accident or choice, I do appreciate your interest in this piece Darren. As for the mine field you needn’t worry much, I don’t think I’m a good writer either. 😀

      1. It was very much my first, gut response. And I’d have to disagree, I was trying to pay compliment to non banal with a none banal comment.
        If I was way off base, as long as you’re fine with that, I am.
        Wasn’t it Durer who misunderstood italian books on perspective, only to through doing so invent a new idea of perspective…

      2. Hahaha I wish I could find it in my will to disagree with you, but I feel you and I would only partake in over analyzing a subject matter so simple. Perspective is indeed attendant to caprice.

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