Convalescence Is A River Dead

May I flow as lucid as that
does flow red the river bed,
no longer dry the bed rock dead,
worthless as where I once sat.
Breathe it may a passive yawn,
feign I shall not bit displeasure,
nor may you children of leisure,
whether flows it dusk or dawn.
For you see now I am that winding
path of stones and aging bones
to where I lead the river unknown
is where I lose myself in finding.


18 thoughts on “Convalescence Is A River Dead

  1. It’s sublime…amazingly deep and beautiful, your words are expressing so much emotion and it’s a blessing for me to read your poems. And it takes so much honesty and inner strength to write like you do, touching people’s hearts, healing and reminding us all how human fragility can be our strongest quality sometimes…
    I just wanted to tell you how impressed i am by your talent and also to wish you inspiration and love and, last but not least, the inner peace we’re all searching on our path.

    1. I am terribly sorry for the delayed response Miss Carissa, it is a pleasure to have made your acquaintance, and fortuitous to have you spare your invaluable time for my humble endeavor. You are too kind. I am gladdened to know of this pleasant impression I may have cast on you. I thank you for the inspiration and especially the love. I wish you the best of luck as well.


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