A Moment Eternal, Brighter Than The Sun

Shall eternity rest in sweetest lurking
for a moment in time ephemeral at best.
May the fleeting break of every yearning
dawn awaken my soul at rest.
Do bathe the hill up yonder darling
with every ripple fore the delou’west.
May all my darkened days still burning
turn a thousandth folds invest.
Wouldst every pleasing glimpse O splendid
turn the wondering, the graceful one,
to falling chaos for which ended
a moment eternal, brighter than the sun.


19 thoughts on “A Moment Eternal, Brighter Than The Sun

  1. “Fore I come to sense, or when sense may come to pass, each day that dawns, with it dawns new hope, and fore I may see that it is I who is witnessing blind joy, may set there and then the sun of my splendor.”

    1. Your poetry touched my heart .It unfolds a new meaning every time i read it… Thanks for following my Blog….though I am neither a writer nor a poet. I have just started writing a Blog to give vent to my emotions

  2. poetry is a force, a spirit, a god, that perches on every willing soul. but is as found its permanent abode in your muse. I love this poem, and thanks for following me, I look forward to your comments.

      1. I am still here… have been adding another poem almost every day. Explored some new themes and techniques.
        I have been looking forward to your next.

  3. Is it alright that I read this poem imagining a choir singing it in my head? πŸ™‚

    In any case, it made for a beautiful experience. Like a hymn to the divine. Thank you.

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