O God! (This Woman)

In a thousand shades of graceful glance,
in a thousand veils of restless grace,
O God I have witnessed this woman once,
but feel I have known before this face.
The nape that has no dawn nor sets
with one but two soft suns at rest,
and that into not all which lets,
O God this beauty rules that breast.
Her touch that feels like velvet lace,
the scent she has is warm perfume,
and as I taste her parted embrace
a shade ofΒ ecstasyΒ her visage assumes.
Gladly I would caress her blushing
and reddened bends on which she lends,
her knees on sheets play always pushing
those ankles on which she ever attends.
O God, her gaze has left me yearning,
O God, that kiss has made me think
how can this fire live on burning
when she of hell nor heaven drinks.
She is a woman of touch and sense,
more than that? may the watchful wonder.
How her back can curve so tense,
and that between I taste while under.
From her goblet of the sourest
and all that, that must be veiled,
O God may I then drink most sweetest,
wine for which I pray lips sealed.
My God I must ask one last thing,
that fore upon our dance of souls
might fall the curtains of this fringe
may rest our bodies twixt our folds.

31 thoughts on “O God! (This Woman)

  1. Beautiful poetry.

    Some lines appear to contradict the others. I wondered if the poem was meant to be read as if it was written in a dream-like state as opposed to reality?

    Great page! πŸ™‚

      1. You are welcome. Beautiful writing and comment. Although my English not very good. I not from English spoken country. New to USA. Still learning. So I not understand what you say, but thank you for the good answer.

        Take care
        Missy Aksenov

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