Breathe, For You Must.

With every passing sunset, and every fleeting moment
we grow older and wiser, but worn and weak.
The only will we have left in us, is our will to repent,
repent from what we failed at, from what we seek,
repent from what we feel was wrong, but we did it nonetheless,
and the opening we came from, so spacious in our innocence,
O! how vast it was, grows small, terrifying I confess.
Or perhaps we have outgrown it, perhaps it makes sense,
what we came to conquer, what we came to liberate,
is now our prison, and our watchful punisher.
The light we could see so clearly yesterday, must now abate,
we can die escaping, or we can die fighting a lost war,
The only thing that keeps us going, keeps us alive
is not some absolution, some forgiving sigh or heave,
we live, because it is a hopeless place to arrive,
a hopeless place to see, and a hopeless place to leave.

43 thoughts on “Breathe, For You Must.

  1. we live, because it is a hopeless place to arrive,
    a hopeless place to see, and a hopeless place to leave.

    Ah. Such sadness. Repentance is a very strong concept. Ought we repent? What is to be repented and what is to be accepted instead. And where does repentance turn to atonement, and where does it not?
    Thank you for sharing. Beautiful as ever.

    1. I fear these questions, for I have no answer to them my dear. Perhaps that which leads us to a life sybaritic, we accept, regardless of our moral bearing, while that which tastes bitter in truth and harsh in reality, we rescind from. Atonement has no place in the tomb of grandiosity
      Thank you Vic, your beautiful interpretation has me falling in love with pathos once more.

      1. I fear them too… and yet I find I cannot get away from them. Perhaps I shall never find an answer, but I do not think my search will ever discontinue either.
        Exquisite reply – thank you.

      1. Ah no, that cannot be. It is only for the other to decide what we are worthy and unworthy of when we are our worst critics. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I will reject the democratic process in this case and decide – rather dictatorially I know – that you are indeed worthy.

      2. How sweet of you.
        In such a case as this
        Rebellious courses
        Best be all forgot.

        For it is true
        Dictators take amiss
        Whatever forces
        Counter their lot.


      1. You got it. How long have you been writing poetry? Are you published? Or is this a form of artistic relief?

  2. “…our prison, and our watchful punisher.” These words. They’re important to me today. Thank you.

      1. I’m sorry that it has troubled you so.
        It brought great relief to me, those words you wrote.
        A thank you, would be infinitesimally small.

      2. All degrees are. You put the words where I would find them. That was more than enough.

  3. When you write ‘to live is a hopeless place to arrive’ do you mean to say theres no choice but to live?

    Your writing is beautiful but sad n it touches a chord in my heart.

  4. Life is but a journey-
    a constant, painful journey-
    through deserts numerous,
    broken intermittently
    by an oasis or,
    perhaps, a mirage.
    A struggle: continuous,
    sordid, sinister.
    Our goal- to survive the end,
    our destination- always death.

      1. Thank you Raoul, you seem to have misunderstood me. What I meant to state was that I understand what you mean, and I am gladdened to know that you reciprocate.

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