Hope For Hope

Old and wretched, both ruined and weak,
I have waited for you with an open door,
although now the porch light is burning bleak,
every passerby reminds me more and more,
how I expelled you from my very soul
how I imprecated you for making me dream,
how I embraced you to make me full and whole
like the rain drops add to an endless stream.
But when miserable doubt came bearing its fruits,
and miserable failure came to rest on my hearth,
I asked you to leave for then it was moot
whether you were a fidel companion since birth.
Hope you were, as I called you once,
but then and there you were dead to me
for my will to fade was in abundance
and my will to live was not to be.
Now each night when the moon is lonely
and when the world is fast asleep
I hope for hope to return if only
it saw the vigil in the ruin so deep.
Come home friend, and dwell evermore
in the heart that needs you more and more,
there is no lock, you may enter please
for a hopeless man, has a broken door.

25 thoughts on “Hope For Hope

  1. Emotionally tragical but yet has the comfort of a slight hope. Love it.
    I have a question though. What is the meaning of the line “how I imprecated you for making me dream”? I don’t quite understand the word “imprecated” here. English isn’t my first language, but I try hard.

  2. It feels so self-searching. Like, a sort of incomplete self-search because hope was not with him. “I hope for hope to return” is such a sad line because you might have to wait your whole lifetime for something that might crush you in the end. Oh wow this is a beautiful and moving poem.:)

  3. This reminds me of my last relationship. This hit home sir. Beautiful work. If I can make a living out of writing and reading poetry live; I would do so. I’m sure you’d agree.

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