Thank You

I owe thee much, much more than odes,
and thank thee too for so much more,
thou stole my rest and well thou bode,
for sleepless nights and endless sure.
Thou brought me back to life and then,
showed me how to breathe and dance,
if thy name would come again,
in my thoughts by choice or chance.
Thou handed me a goblet fine,
taught me how to swim and sink
in my lake of thoughts and wine,
and also how to take a drink.
Thank thee I, thou brokest me,
eternal rest my restless days,
and what a life, for never free,
in fields of joy, my regrets play.


7 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. “The only thing I can complain of from you is that we were never absolutely satisfied or unsatisfied, but that our moments mingled in the grey that is the bitter sweet taste of life, I do not imprecate you, instead I thank you for that.”

  2. I fucking love this piece…pardon my expressive choice of words but simply put…I fucking love this piece

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