Come Let Us Leave Our Memories. (Forgotten Days)

Come let us stand and walk away,
saunter to where our memories play.
Come let us watch the rising sun,
and the dawn where all days had begun.
All those faces, all those lives,
the shadows of yesterday we adore,
and from that past all that survives,
wishes fulfilled and some no more.
Names that shall no more be spoken,
the paths we shall tread never twice,
hearts we mend to have ours broken,
and bittersweet love must now suffice.
A lover who has been long forgotten,
and all those noon’s in ecstasy,
how pages turned were only begotten,
with an echo of the thoughtful sea.
I wonder where my childhood flew,
I wonder if I shall feel again
the moving earth beneath the sky blue,
or the fresh scent of the monsoon rain.
Forbidden joys we once aspired to,
drenched in midsummer nights dreams,
alas! dreams sustain but nothing true,
when taboos drown our mindful streams.
These living moments and those long past,
what remains of such propriety?
whom did we please by pleasing last
ourselves by impressing society?
The failure of past is present’s triumph,
and infamy has turned to golden days,
branded Hedonists in shrouded perception
for we willed to do what no one dared.
Where are they now? the pointed fingers,
to where have gone, the taunting people?
come let us walk to where twilight lingers,
and sets behind the highest steeple.
Soon night shall come and end the day,
put to sleep all the falling stars,
then all that lasts shall be the stellar way,
and the doorway to heaven that we walk par.


19 thoughts on “Come Let Us Leave Our Memories. (Forgotten Days)

  1. “If we had known then, what we do now, would we fear the consequences of our actions? Would we not indulge ourselves to every forbidden pleasure? Come let us leave the reminiscence of our past, come let us not regret our forgotten days.”

  2. I so so like this poem! Beautiful, sad, strong, honest and I read it as a tribute to life, now as it is, not as it was or used to be. I might be far off, however this is what it brings to me. Thank you..

  3. Some one is here =) guess who ?????

    keep it up champ…. i have read only few of your poems and they are preety good….
    i likes the way you have use your vocabulary and well i would like you to write poems on the positive part of life…
    the happier side of life….
    i m preety sure you must have written such as well but i havent seen those…
    any way keep it up…

    1. Thank you my good friend, it isn’t that hard to guess who’s there when that some one’s gravatar is titular akin to his name. I am relieved to know that you acknowledge my work, it is always satiating to have good friends who also happen to be honest and sincere in their opinion.
      Someday my pen shall drip gusto, but for now it must delve in the color of melancholy. Thank you, and never shy from posting critique on my work.

  4. I love your style my brother…your poem’s breath touched me deeply! Thanks for visiting my blog and following. It will be a joy to follow your words each day…they are exquisitely shared. God bless my friend!

  5. Thank you for following my blog on A Veil of Enlightenment and reading my poem Nature’s Cry. Your poems are poignant and this one I truly identified with currently in my life. You are extremely gifted in your insights into life! I am very glad you have chosen to follow me since it is rare that I come across a poet of your caliber that is truly passionate about writing so much so that it can be felt through his words. I have other poems and interviews on my blogs and on Blogger under I’d love to get your opinion of some of those poems and I will continue reading your fabulous poetry! Thank you again for stopping by! All the best!

    1. First of all, you’re welcome and you needn’t mention a thing so slight, I really liked your method of expression. Thank you, I am humbled with the appreciation you have for my fallible thoughts, the fact is that I am unworthy of such praise, perhaps it is this self deprecation that allures people to my words. Regardless, I thank you, and rest assured I shall drop in my two cents as far as my opinions go, although I’m sure you are in no need of validation, Once again you’re welcome and best of luck to you as well.

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