May I Envy The Blossom

Amidst a flurry of dropping blossoms pale,
I watch these moth wings fragrant so much
turning white in a lifeless sail,
the arms and branches praying as such.
In wait for autumn, the progeny of colors,
while patiently all the watchful turn old.
Would it be too much, to envy the pallor
of fleeting lovers drifting in the cold?
An empty shade, with receding light,
another hour has come and gone,
another moment, the blossoms in flight,
fallen, found love, waiting, found dawn.


46 thoughts on “May I Envy The Blossom

  1. “The falling blossoms in autumn are not to be pitied but envied, for they embrace death while waiting for their love. Their color, verdure, and vivacity, all is for what they love, all is for whom they embrace.”

  2. You know you use a really beautiful and unexpected selection of words. If your words had been the more commonly slung together ones this may have been ordinary but using the ones you did made it extraordinary. Very lovely 🙂

  3. Very vivid. I was floating from one line to the next.

    Hats off.


    Deon Lyons Author of “Sully Street” And new release, “Ready, Set, Poetry” Both available in Paperback and Digital @

    Send me an email @ Personal Website Personal Blog Connect with me on Facebook::

    “The happiest of people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have.” Unknown Author


    1. Thank you Deon, thank you for the business card, I’ll be sure to visit your website, and if I shall ever be in the mood for poetry I’ll visit your amazon page as well. What a profound quote too.

  4. That’s really beautiful. Thanks for checking mine attempts out, My only attempts at poetry have been in the last few weeks so am loving how the real poets do it 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, I’m very sorry for the late reply. Helen, I feel there are no real or amateur poets, as long as you feel good while expressing yourself in the written form, you’re as good as one gets.

    1. Thank you Suhani, I’ll keep your suggestion and concern in mind the next time I shall change my blog theme and background, albeit I find it quite strange that you were unable to read the content, the majority feedback I got from my readers about this background alluded to the better visibility it juxtaposed on the written text.

      1. It’s not about visibility…I can see and read with the bold text…but it just doesn’t feel right to your eyes and hence I am not able to concentrate…I read two lines an no more!

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