Moments Most Unforgettable (Patience Most Beautiful).

The moments that keep in our memories eternal,
are those in wait before the most beautiful,
and thoughts that burn in our passions infernal,
are embers that fade with a sigh most pitiful.
Savor this longing that ceases for yearning,
frolicking children of light and the dark,
that goblet of wine breathing while turning,
faded and faded from the deep it embarks.
Before one another’s words we may drink,
let us drown ourselves in such rever,
lips so red in even sin migtest sink,
let us remember this moment forever.
If this wait could grow old and senile,
and lose itself in warps of greys,
you and I could stay in sweet denial
with all to follow most pallid of days.


18 thoughts on “Moments Most Unforgettable (Patience Most Beautiful).

  1. “That butter sweating on the knife, with the wine breathing by its side. You and I in eternal embrace of sight while longing for a kiss, these are moments most unforgettable, patience most beautiful.”

  2. Resignation and serenity beautifully portrayed. Lovely language, phrasing and tone. Well done.

    [there may be a typo line 11]

    1. Thank you, I am aware of the word “mightest” not being a part of the modern English lexicon, but then there are some words now forgotten owing to their antediluvian and archaic nature.

    1. I’m sorry for replying in a manner at best tardy, but your comment ended up in the spam folder, and it is just now that I have noticed it. Thank you so much, your feedback means the world to me.

      Osama Iftikhar

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