In My Dream We Wait For You.

Nothing worse can happen, than for someone to awake
from a reverie so lucid, or a vivid dream scape.
I say this so assuredly, for my world has burned
in the flames of ambiguity, for my love was spurned.
I fear to close my eyes, in case I drift away,
from fear of dreaming again, sleepless I must stay,
all I ever wanted, all I ever yearned
was to be a peaceful dreamer, love you sans return.
With that hope I fell to sleep, for days, for weeks, for years,
I saw our children playing, with smiles and far from tears,
I saw how we grew old, under the shade of the maple trees,
I saw how we disappeared, like ashes in the summer breeze.
But, before anything could begin, I saw how it would end
how a dreamer can only dream, and this life would never tend.
Do not wake a dreamer, I plead you for Gods sake,
for you may break his spirits, but it is his dreams you take.
One day you shall turn, look back and reminisce,
ponder something wayward, something gone amiss,
but all that you may lose, and all that you may gain
a restless night or two, an afternoon in pain.
But me, I lost my dreams, and though this life so true
I play with our good children, in my dream we wait for you.


54 thoughts on “In My Dream We Wait For You.

  1. “It is Human to fear, for all dreams are chimerical before turning empirical for life. but patience and resilience are virtues doubted more often than practiced.”

    1. Thanks for following my blog I have read a few th ings on you page and hope to get in and do some more reading of your wrook soon. Thanks again. Deon
      D. P. Lyons

  2. Let us hope when we close our eyes
    dreams come to keep us alive
    for nightmares only make us run
    miles and miles , and there is no sun
    I fear the dark, for I may fall and hurt my self
    and never wake up at all .

  3. Quite an extraordinary poem. I enjoyed it very much. Part I suspect is that I too am a dreamer and can relate to every word. Do not freak out with the but, but I have problems with your last two lines. A dreamer dreams, it is what they do. To lose dreams would imply that the dreamer would also be lost or cease to be. You might consider something like the following:

    But me, I’ve lost those dreams living and am lost in, for dreams come true
    For only in those I play with our good children and there we wait for you.

    Dream On,


    1. Thank you Dahni, I was waiting for some one to ask me about those lines. Those lines actually do imply that the dreamer has ceased to exist, although the life he lived besides those dreams seemed so true, and now in his passing he alludes to the fact that it is in eternity that he waits for her.
      Before, he lived as a dreamer for his dreams, now he lives in those very dreams of eternity.

      1. Thank you for splaining’ πŸ™‚ it to me. Now I understand. it requires more than one or a few readings. Very deep and thought provoking. Continuing to dream in eternity. Now that is the love poets speak of and what forever is for. Change nothing. I’ll stick to my first few words, “…an extraordinary poem!”


  4. Poignant. Best poems are the ones that resonate; I was rudely awakened and still reliving the nightmare, trying to heal. Work in progress snail’s pace but heading the right direction.

    Wow u r a real poet, your poems even rhyme. Respect. I am intimidated now and I feel my inferior complex coming on, need a lie down.

    1. Thank you very much Chowanyau, why would you feel intimidated, each and every one of us has a unique style of portraying their thoughts, if anything, you should appreciate yourself for being unique, any one can rhyme, but hardly any one feels anything anymore.

  5. Thanks for the post, and thanks for following
    I am a fairly new writer and my passion seems to grow every day. I see how far I have to go, but then, I look behind me and notice how far I have come. As long as my passion for the popping keys lives within me, I will continue to write. I am new to the world of self publishing, and I know the aggravations that go hand in hand with it. I do appreciate your insight and your steadfast drive that keeps you moving forward. You are an inspiration, and I thank you again for that.

  6. Talent…You have talent…I don’t shed tears very often but I felt pain when I read this…”Diamond Lights” is about the same loss…Leaving only dreams…I am humbled by your follow and glad you enjoyed Big Blue

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