River Of Regrets (How It Flows So Red)

I closed my eyes to commit a sin, far from the river of sleep,
with its soothing song it lures me, to know its secrets deep,
for on its lofty banks, my hopes and dreams lament
with tears that reach the bed, of the river fore-with sent.
Carrying in it my wishes, a shoulder to my woes it lent,
swallowing forever my failures, failures I never meant.
On its shores I dethroned a sunrise, down unto mere flames,
believing in a fading twilight, I proudly laid my claim,
with its sand I built my castle, my kingdom of chimera,
under the genial light of hope, my days of splendid era,
with the ruin of my reality, I honored thee my “zenith”
and fallen angels, not those idols, my only kin and kith.
On those banks I play my harp, and then I weep some more
for every passing ripple, is a ponder to my wound still sore.


20 thoughts on “River Of Regrets (How It Flows So Red)

  1. Kind of sad, hopeless even. Even so, lots of excellent imagry and emotion. Many thanks for stopping by and even better, following my blog. That is so kind of you. Hope you enjoy the stories.

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