A Beautiful Hope, A Beautiful Lie

When I bleed, they only wish to see a drop of red,
not to hear my screams, not to bury the thousands dead.
When I suffer, they only wish to take my home it seems,
but they take away my hope, my spirits, my dreams.
When they kill my innocent children, our sons and daughters,
and their unknowing blood turns red the flowing waters,
they expect us only to whince, mourn and then turn away
but feel the scales of justice, unto us they finally sway.
The day of reckoning is far away, but coming nonetheless,
the bell that tolls we may not hear, but it tolls somewhere incess’
Tie these hands, you must fear them surely,
burn this skin, you must hate it sorely,
Am I not human, just as you, persecuted though, but just the same?
demons in hell have suffered less, and faced not the dreaded shame,
every day a hopeful reprise, the hope to leave this awful place,
where the dead must mourn the living left, where soil and flesh embrace.
I am the child of Sarajevo, have you seen my rose?
carved in concrete memoirs, does it not impose?
a question as to how so many died, but no one heard a sound,
for the dead know only how to sleep, in graveyards unbound.
I am a mother Palestinian, have you seen my baby?
I lost it today, or yesterday, is it alive still? maybe….
gaza is a wall of martyrs, perhaps he is another brick,
and how each day they raise it further, it only makes me sick.
I am the corpse of Sudan, where is my sweet Babylon?
has it drowned in the tears of centuries, or vanished in the wait of dawn?
where is my fellow man, where is the angel of death?
enough of this living and dying, enough of these wasted breaths!


36 thoughts on “A Beautiful Hope, A Beautiful Lie

    1. A very sad and heartrending poem. To feel the peace of death as relief from the inflicted torture of living… it is a tragic commentary on the depravity of man. Hope is something we hold in our hearts, and although it is not eternal, it can be a hope for something eternal.

      1. But to push our fellow man to the brink of losing his will to live, is nothing less than tyranny on our part, he keeps hoping we shall deliver him from his suffering, and be his guide to salvation, but that is not so, and for us to keep hoping that he must keep faith is ignorance.

  1. That is a beautiful and very sad poem. The imagery is amazing, I can see all of it, the blood, ,the graves and the walls. The motherless babies and childless mothers. Thanks for sharing

  2. Very moving. There is something about your poetry that seems to bypass my brain and go straight to my heart. I feel it first then I have to re read it to understand it in my head as well as my heart.

  3. This poem is incredible. Not only does it contain all the elements of good poetry, but it includes your heart. The reader recognizes the pain that went into the writing. I can hear the sobs as you took us from victim to victim. I was limp by the time you were finished, but I had to read it again. Thank you.

  4. whoa… That’s a really long poem … and really sensible… If you keep on writing this way… You will surely help in changing the world 🙂

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