Fly Away You Faded Ones (From The Burdened Pond)

In the dark I wait on a single limb,
in a stagnant pool on a faithless whim,
while yonder peeks a golden orb,
from behind a veil so dark and grim,
timid smirks this leaping child,
climbing nimble upon the wild
abyss of fleeting, ending night,
and turns to warm this lake defiled.
As light invades my rippling home,
and runs upon the heavenly dome,
I find myself here not alone
as soon as sight does justly roam.
On the lake of black, a lake fandango,
Awakening tides of endless flamingo,
and as the dawn has finally come,
the sun has bled the gold to yellow.
With every moment this splendid sun,
warms the frozen, one by one,
and every wing that yawns so pink,
Harkens, our endless wait is done.
The lake must envy our color too,
for every ripple steals it through,
now our feet must stand in awe,
the hue of life has turned a’new,
as if the vines of bougainvillea,
creep the walls they never knew,
then bleed some while as scarlet scilla,
and stain them thus as where they grew.
Though, I must complain I do not feel,
the convalescence of the thawing peal,
my wings are numb, my wings are numb,
despair has eloquently turned so real.
Just as hope had etched a mark,
a ray of light in a day so dark,
came rushing in the vengeful flight
of phantoms hopeless, aimless, stark.
My faded ones are fading still,
the thirsty lake has had its fill,
the mirror is now more alive
than those that ripple in its will,
and have they traded thrills today?
or have they vowed to make a play?
shall the water stand in dismay,
and watch the faded ones fly away?
Their plumage pale and white as mine,
and below the lake, the pinkest wine,
their burdens drunk too much to fly,
and they themselves now stand in line.
Any moment now they shall be no more
among the tepid floating memories sore,
I shall be left standing as if I were,
the burden to my conscience paramour.
With a numbing sound, and a flash of wings,
the flock has left for the fiery ring,
the mighty orb witness in the sky,
and I the flightless bird, me and I.
Fly away until your spirits are done,
I would join you too if I had begun,
but sans my will, I have to sing,
Fly away you restless ones, you hopeful ones, you faded ones.


18 thoughts on “Fly Away You Faded Ones (From The Burdened Pond)

  1. I can definitely relate as I stand back and live somewhat vicariously through others who are totally fearless in things that are considered living life to the fullest. This post was awesome and freeing at the same time through the outer expression of one’s inner truths. It also reads just as beautifully when read backwards! That is a little habit that I have acquired lately with some of my favorite fellow poets.:)

    1. Charlene its not that I fear to leave myself behind, but its that life is not letting me. Sometimes the shear consternation and indignation tear me to pieces. On an another note, thank you for the appreciation, I must try this inverse recital technique of yours.

      1. I understand completely. It truly is uncanny how taking one step can lead to being pushed back two. Such is life for some of us who continually struggle to not allow life to get in the way of ‘life’. I guess the answer is to keep pushing our way through despite it all, but you are quite welcome for the inverse recital technique suggestion…I really enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. after reading this poem i was compelled to return the compliment of your like and follow, beautiful words, rhymes and rythyms…..thank you, such encouragement for this novice in poetry form, is so greatly appreciated.

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