Firemoth, Firemoth (Drones in the Sky)

Fly O grim messenger by my word, on thy monstrous wing,
the shadow that blackens the sky, across it melancholy bring,
fueled by the fire of the war, fire is all thou breathe,
take thee love turn thither to hate, hate is what thou breed.
Firemoth I dub thee, exempt of my reach thou fly,
burning will indomitable, still strangely wish death may die,
and still thou harvest reconcile yet ravage the hive that feeds thee,
far and yonder, beyond my reach, while helpless is all I can be.
The fool that holds an arrow, scarcely holds the will
and turns his eye blind to thy wish, so feed thou to thy fill,
fly Firemoth O’ fly away, turn away from my hand
but do return unto my hive, and wreak a destruction grand,
with time and tide I wither away, hence I remind thee of my child,
suckle and drink from its being, with fear too humble the wild.
Plunged in darkness, the blinding deep, fearful of the light
the fruit that never feels the season, hardly suffers the blight,
and the progeny of fear birthed then, dissent for them all
inherited fear, dissent the legacy, both on them shall call.
The iron hide, and iron tail, Leviathan of the skies
for the wind that sails beneath its wings, is the wind of helpless cries
Firemoth, bangana, or drone, whichever name thou heed to,
let the bell toll for me, so that the world can burn for you.


17 thoughts on “Firemoth, Firemoth (Drones in the Sky)

    1. This is a most blatant truth that a majority refuses to recognize. The irony could (and does) crush the world.

      1. We have reached horizons we thought were beyond us, we have proved the existence of God and above all that of ourselves, but we have yet to know the meaning of harmony.

  1. I am a woman living in the country that birthed the drones. Awhile ago I realized that denial of my culture may only foster its progress. I also understood that the best resistance is to be responsible for my every contribution.
    “the fruit that never feels the season, hardly suffers the blight,” is a devastating statement. In my woman’s heart I understand the depths of this archetypal legacy in your country.
    All I can say is forgive me.

    1. Its not your fault dear, the leaders of our nations are to be blamed for this animosity between our people, that is why I say, “someday we will change the world, together, you and I”.

      1. Well Osama, you are kind. My response to your poem was emotional and… complicated. For the last three years my work has been involved with the understanding of archetypal traumatic experience. And simply said…your poem made it real for me. It is a very good thing…thank you

  2. Today fighter planes where flying over my house (practice runs for a national holiday parade), all threat and menace. And to think that a part of the taxes I pay goes to these awful messengers of destruction. ‘Monstrous wings’ indeed, manned or not.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    1. You should at least thank God for those flying monstrosities being on your side. Imagine yourself an innocent child who is about to lose everything because of their misdirection.
      You are welcome.

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