The Way We Were.

O memory, thou art a friend of mine,
friend of blood, and a friend of wine,
friend of old, but one that stays
and though all else has come to past,
I still find you in quiet yesterdays
with hopes and dreams I thought would last,
and standing by the one I loved,
drenched in the yellow of the moon,
and all the fragrance that I loved
but come to me O memory soon.
For lonely I do sit for now,
in my cold and darkened room,
thinking why and if and how
I could go back and turn the bow,
perhaps to waters mild and soft,
perhaps to waters more and oft.
But do tell O sweet memory
what happened to all our company?
surely someone must remain,
No? perhaps I must refrain,
but tell me do my fickle friend,
where has my great kingdom gone?
to where do winds of fate now send
the ashes of my fading dawn?
I fear there is only you and I,
blinded me and shapeless you,
one that can not help but die,
and one that can not help but rue,
of falling trees and standing lie’s,
all the places that I knew,
turning to pictures faint and dry
crumbling under the burdened age
their dust now blowing with a sigh
for losing youth and turning sage.
Come to me O sweet memory
take me back to summers of my years
enough of this gloomy misery
enough of these opalescent tears …….
O! my zenith how are thee?
shall we go on a walk this noon?
hold my hand now will not ye?
do tell what thou have been up to!

55 thoughts on “The Way We Were.

  1. “An old man reminisces in loneliness, of how things were and regrets how things are now. Fatigued with sorrow, he finally turns to his memory of his beloved, indulging in a conversation with her illusion…..”

  2. Then the memory took my hand
    and did you know, it had a magical wand
    in a flash of time I saw
    the time of birth
    my school days and all
    the moments that I laughed away
    the days in agony, days I waste
    memory then gave me a wink
    told me now, would you like to think
    of better ways to fix your days
    to help others to stay
    happy and peaceful, as they may
    I like the advice of memory lane
    to think beyond self and need I explain
    success is to remain alive
    not only in my own memory but other’s side

  3. It had great readability and depth (nb change ‘quite’ to quiet yesterdays maybe?)

  4. Wow! How beautiful chaos can be when the translator expresses exactly what was intended! Fantastic in every way…thanks for taking us all into a moment 😀

  5. I just want to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog! Ive nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, and if you wish you can check out the nomination on my post from today titled ‘The Versatile Blogger Award, Nominations’ 🙂

    Cheers and enjoy!

  6. This is haunting and reminds me of Poe when I read it. I love how it flows in a seamless cascade of words. I will definitely be coming back to reread this in the future! 🙂

    1. Somehow, every now and then, I keep getting compared to Edgar Allen Poe, for me it is an unfathomable honor, and I never tire of this draw up. Thank you, thank you very much, please feel free to stop by anytime.

  7. As a lyrical lover from far back in the day; truly enjoy your floetic poetic writing style. Deep & different; unique indeed. I like..and! thank you for the follow & I’ll be doing likewise.

      1. I will read some more after I finish adding some more of my ones on here. x

  8. “and though all else has come to past,
    I still find you in quiet yesterdays
    with hopes and dreams I thought would last,”

    My favorite. heartfelt ❤

  9. I am sixty and my wife fifty-nine and we have been awesomely blessed to have a oneness that many covet in a relationship. Your poem gives me pause to think of, “what if” and it makes me to appreciate what we have all the more. Our life has been such an adventurous journey, not so much as some might think, more-so a spiritual journey together and your poem just makes me appreciate how blessed I truly am! For that, my friend, I thank you. You know I always love your prose and this is no exception. If you will forgive me once again to state, that you have a God-given gift and to me, as a gift I will always be grateful for your willingness to share!
    The day I found your blog, to me was not chance or happenstance, but I would venture to say, Providence!
    God bless you, Osama, greatly and continually!

    1. Since I know now your age Pastor, I only hold you in more veneration, May God bless you and your wife with all the happiness you desire. I must thank you for your kind words Pastor, your well wishes and prayers have and always will serve as the highlights of my writing days.

  10. Sometimes memories are all we’ve got left, nice one, very touching. There’s something up with the like icon can’t get a like through so here I say it: I like it

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