A Heart of Glass

Death seems more life like, than what you behold,
yonder there, dunes of sand or seas of gold?
rafts of paper or vessels of dreams untold?
either way drown, when the turns unfold.
In lakes of realism or loves blood sold,
hiding the sodden secrets, forever when cold,
beats a hopeless heart, like a flutter in the dark,
praise the broken winged, bird imprisoned yet bold.
How to live in the name of living, you kill your own soul,
bathing in a river of tears, faces young, hearts old,
better is death, than this life untold,
without love, without loss, our minds we mold,
Nay, with pride I soothe a bleeding heart,
while you fear breaking the glass you hold.


28 thoughts on “A Heart of Glass

  1. Sir, I have told you before that I am amazed at your humility! This is awesome IN its simplicity! I agree with so many here, do not sell yourself short, it is NOT puerile! I love this, it is definitely “food for the soul.”
    God bless you my friend, I soooo look forward to more! (I am trying to read those I have missed. lol 🙂 )

  2. “Nay, with pride I soothe a bleeding heart,
    while you fear breaking the glass you hold” good summing up 🙂

  3. Simplicity at it’s best.sometimes I believe the complexity can take away the innocence of a poem and sometimes it’s very essence. This one left me speechless. Bravo.

      1. I have nothing to gain in giving you a weak comment on your poem. A merciful review is worth nothing. Your poem captured an innocence, a vulnerablitiy, or a fragility in it’s simplicity that is what the essence of the poem was to me. So in my opinion, which I offer is not worth much, if you had made this poem anymore complexi it ould have taken away from the fragility of it all. I, personaly, loved it. I think, you do not give yourself enough credit and may be too harsh on your own work. I, personally don’t believe how long we have been working on our art for how great a piece we may produce. One of our best pieces may come from our earliest work and our worst from our latest work and anything in between. Anyhow, I loved this poem of yours.

  4. Every word of your Poem is so so Beautiful and the meaning of each word just touches the Heart.WOW! Iam totally touched. 🙂

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