From the Ashes (We Must Rise)

As the retreating night reveals the ruin
of yesterday and the many days before,
I see the people finding a reason in
departing from their slumbers deep of yore,
We have not much to show, or boast of,
clearly the glory of our past exceeds
that which we have left today, but enough
is our resolve to live and succeed.
Build a better nation, love forever more
live peaceful, humble, wounded but as one,
heal what is scarred, and soothe that which is sore,
we shall rest one night, knowing we have won,
and before the exalted kingdom of nothing,
we shall gladly take the wilted flowers of war,
among them, as them, for them, in them and bring
what is innocence and nurture it in the day, for
a day shall come when hope shall return forever,
and if not, then indeed it deserves that which is treason
to the thinking and fearful, and deep must we endeavor
to prevail, or wither away in the hope of another season.


14 thoughts on “From the Ashes (We Must Rise)

    1. Amen to it all! It would be so nice if the whole world could hear this poem spoken…even nicer if everyone would actually live by the words that you have so beautifully and sensibly put together, thanks!

  1. Unity is the most powerful tool we could use to conquer any war.Though people might have different beliefs,it is possible to put them aside for a while and join hands for better results.Thank you…that’s a wonderful poem

  2. I was moved!!
    This Poem Is very powerful and intriguing!!!
    Thank You!!
    Oh & Thank You So Much for following my blog. I have also followed your blog!!

  3. Osama, my friend, hope IS a powerful thing and as long as there IS hope, we can all dream! You know I love your poetry and the sentiment in this one brings me close to tears. I wish our world were a much different and better place, believe me I sincerely do! I continue to follow your prose, dear sir as it is a joy and a delight!
    God bless you so much!

    1. Thank you Pastor, your emotion and sentiment has a vein of sincerity not one man can deny, I do hope as well, and optimistically that our world may change for the better, and that too in the passage of our lives.

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