Poems & People

what if poems could be symphonies, and people their orchestra?

Akaasi 14: Destiny’s True North

The savior of integrity is no being other
than the one to whom it is a prospect worthy.
You are he to whom belong the winds of fate
sail upon your sea, sail to northern true.

Akaasi 13: Cries of Gaza

Your world in ruin, also your home,
helplessly suffering bitter misfortune,
bleeding Gaza must be where you roam
imagine your wailing unheard importune.

Akaasi 12: Faith is Love

Every path that leadeth unto my lovers home,
resplendent tis with flowers, scent of flowers red,
as countless currants droop where ever I do roam,
among them sweetest faith, tis where I am thus lead.

Eventuality of All Good Things

Wherever hangest a fruit of heaven,
If thou wert to come upon it someday,
surely shalt thou taste its nectar,
and on thy palette shall not reside
ecstasy, for it beist most evanescent,
faith, for is thine most capricious,
love, for it bears concupiscence,
but loss, for thou shalt cherish a memory.

Akaasi 11: Suicide Child

He hast not felt a woman’s touch,
nor purest wine has had its may.
Too foolish he, in fact a child,
to dearest death no longer virgin.

Akaasi 10: The Barred Gate

Who among us, far as One most sagacious
can ever tell apart, with a word most certain
living from breathing, one cruel from gracious
hard ashes from dreams, a veil from a curtain.

The Children Of Eve

O Raise not thy gaze at a visage proud,
that be’est fate, my most ingenuous dupe,
set instead thy gaze at yon found
very end to which life must stoop.
Listen my progeny, as I know not of joy
so when’st thou giggle I feel only grief,
and might I add thou art a bastardly boy,
I abhorr thee at best, regret thou in brief.
Lead thou I may, but I swear not to days,
of enduring peace or of eternal wonder,
I merely lead, perhaps to uncertain ways,
and I only lead unto prospects under.
Argue of nations with lesser a founding?
inheritors least of morals in standing?
children that came at moments misfortune
yet fathered not same an era withstanding?
But see my rascal, the same is not true,
though if even it be, I do hardly agree
for agree I shan’t in opinions lieu,
and agree I must in opinions dreamt free.
If thou recoil’est at the sight of me,
I wish you to witness all that I hath,
what people unto people thus dole unto thee
the children of eve, the dogs of days wrath.

Stood Who Last, Those Last Departing

Ti’s a pity for pity to not find,
in an hour such as this its way
to those who adhered in its hind
and lead the bleak souls of dismay,
from fates blackened, vacant hope,
joyless aim, and aimless hunger,
into such hopes which did elope
with equal lives fore them asunder.
Doth not suffice for wretchedness
to have such monuments in woe,
but as its wonting shall it dress
all glory red, for us to know.
I watch their children emerging
with languid eyes and weary airs
from their fathers side weeping
to bleed in their due place unfair.
I hope for children of their thence
I fear for children their instead
host to fates made recompense
for our fates all else I dread.
Who are they, who muffled suffer,
tears of whom know slumber none,
life whom perchance silenced utter
which hath found its rest in some,
for those in whom is yet to set,
those who have not yet to feign
apathy to the breath of death
I fear have found in departing gain.

Oscar War (Original Sin)

To the leaves that turn in our tide,

to the thorn that bleeds in my side,

to that angel in whom I confide,

and that demon with whom I preside

on the council of will, and decide

what all senses incessantly deride,

while the time and the life I divide

regardless of fate coincide.

To the wind that changes the season,

and changes that dawn without reason,

Hear me my people! with lucid intent

I am a scoundrel, I yearn for descent.

To indolence whose borders are wide,

to sloth and to greed your close guide,

to lust which you bed as a bride,

and the raging war from inside,

to love, loss, wounds and to pride,

as well morals in red hanging dried,

to your laws by which you abide,

yet question their purpose beside.

For the taste of mortality I did attempt,

thus fell from my throne I a discontent.

Hear me O’fallen, embrace and consent

mould me as flawed, lest I lament.

Wishful thought I O eternity thyne ,

now do regret I tasting such wine.

To heal that wound on this soul of mine

I feigned being blind to our rising sign.

Beyond horizons which were once in time

twixt fatuate virtue and vice benign,

from remnants of grace but thoughts malign

to fall this under I did not resign.

And Adam and Eve, of your legacy fine

forgive thee thy children for fates design.

Hear me thus progeny, ill fated and wronged,

in pursuit of some feeling, living I longed,

but Remember forever, from this parted sun

sans death all mortals immortals are one.


Regardless of our presiding congress
of victor man, and thoughts unbound
flagfallen is that white of progress,
viridescent hall in conquer found.
Hath O babylon eastern promise
come thou burning from yon Babel,
Hath thou aired suffice thy solace
solace for whilst thou air’d a fable.
Heed my words ye crumbling throne
thou wer’t not birthened to condone,
instead for sins of past atone
and honor wounds of wars unknown.
For nations many thrive some whither
flags of fathers rise then fall
but ye my wounded land of hither
thou wert sworn for just and all.
Embrace yet not these words but words
of better men, of bitter wisdom
as all professed else is absurd
and thoughts thus kept are kept anthems.

Pray, would it be much to hunger
for absolution, taste of clemency
Speak, for regrets tear asunder
ignorant faults from thoughtful pity.
Lo! A Wasteland we turned thou to
In legacy false, of prospect gloom
and starved hath We thy faith in few
and fewer days in an age of bloom.


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