Poems & People

what if poems could be symphonies, and people their orchestra?

Akaasi 19: All for Naught

Of lost, what with? Of lost, to whom?
To gain, where of? Of left too soon.
The play of life whilst in the womb,
for dust and ash and else for doom.

Akaasi 18: The Piper’s March

“Pity! It failed, that piper’s march”
sang the awoken prancing children,
moments ago even though each larch
bore witness to their joy’s meridian.

Akaasi 17: Independence

Now breathes wistful the conquest wind
one that lead once a myriad to pinnacle’s
prerogative, Alas! for the myriad rescinds
adherence to sense with airs most cynical.

Akaasi 15 & 16: A Promise At Jerusalem

Prosper shall not naught but valiance,
of valiance is naught left to swear.
I dreamt of might but dreams are dalliance
of great hearts and death they bear.
I hoped perchance but days ago
to promise thee the endless sun,
but left at side is naught such so
thus valiance is all but undone.

Akaasi 14: Destiny’s True North

The savior of integrity is no being other
than the one to whom it is a prospect worthy.
You are he to whom belong the winds of fate
sail upon your sea, sail to northern true.

Akaasi 13: Cries of Gaza

Your world in ruin, also your home,
helplessly suffering bitter misfortune,
bleeding Gaza must be where you roam
imagine your wailing unheard importune.

Akaasi 12: Faith is Love

Every path that leadeth unto my lovers home,
resplendent tis with flowers, scent of flowers red,
as countless currants droop where ever I do roam,
among them sweetest faith, tis where I am thus lead.

Eventuality of All Good Things

Wherever hangest a fruit of heaven,
If thou wert to come upon it someday,
surely shalt thou taste its nectar,
and on thy palette shall not reside
ecstasy, for it beist most evanescent,
faith, for is thine most capricious,
love, for it bears concupiscence,
but loss, for thou shalt cherish a memory.

Akaasi 11: Suicide Child

He hast not felt a woman’s touch,
nor purest wine has had its may.
Too foolish he, in fact a child,
to dearest death no longer virgin.

Akaasi 10: The Barred Gate

Who among us, far as One most sagacious
can ever tell apart, with a word most certain
living from breathing, one cruel from gracious
hard ashes from dreams, a veil from a curtain.


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